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Choosing a Cozy Blanket

warm blanket

Winter has finally come to Texas and that means it’s the perfect excuse to break out your coziest blankets and throws. In the market for a few good cozy blankets that will complete your winter decor? With a few simple shopping tips, our apartment decorating experts can help you find the perfect blanket or throw for every room in your place.

How To Choose a Cozy Blanket or Throw

A good blanket is an essential no matter the time of year. Even in the Texas heat, air conditioners are always going and a comfy blanket can definitely come in handy. But choosing the right one to fit your personal needs all depends on size, warmth and texture.

The Right Fabric

Blankets can be made from a variety of different materials, with each providing a distinct texture and warmth level. Some of our favorites include:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Down
  • Natural Fleece
  • Cashmere
  • Chenille

All About Size

Will you be storing your blanket on the back of a sofa or chair? Maybe you’ll be keeping it at the foot of the bed or in a guest room. Whatever the use, size is very important when choosing a cozy blanket. Some popular sizes include:

  • Throw
  • Twin
  • Full/Queen or Queen
  • King

Sizes may vary from blanket to blanket, so be sure to check the “size & fit” tab when shopping online to ensure a proper fit.

A Blanket to Suit Your Needs

Choosing the right blanket comes down to what exactly you want the blanket to do for you. When searching for a great blanket, keep the materials in mind. Thicker blankets made from wool or fleece work well to trap in warm air because their fibers are fuzzy. Natural fibers are also highly absorbent, making them ideal for holding in warmth on cold nights.

Stay Warm and Cozy This Winter

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