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Who to Watch at Sounds of Lewisville

concert guitarIn the town of Lewisville, the Sounds of Lewisville concert series has been a summer staple since 1991. The free summertime entertainment is a perfect option for the entire family. The concerts take place in the Wayne Ferguson Plaza, which is an urban park on Church Street and right across from Lewisville City Hall. The concerts are coordinated through the Community Relations & Tourism Department. They take place on Tuesday nights throughout the summer as a Lewisville tradition, starting at 7:00 p.m. and typically lasting two hours. If you plan on going this summer, you need to know who will be playing and who to go see. Check out a little on the performers you won’t want to miss!

Who to Watch at Sounds of Lewisville

  • Petty Theft: On July 4th, Petty Theft will take the stage. The group is a tribute band to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and you’ll be sure to hear some of your favorite classics from the group! Being the Fourth of July, this will be a popular night for the concert. Be sure to get there early!
  • ESCAPE: The Essential Journey Experience: If you really like Journey, then you cannot miss ESCAPE: The Essential Journey Experience. They are a Journey tribute band and will be playing on July 25th. Don’t Stop Believin’!
  • King George: A Tribute to George Strait: For those who like their country music and George Strait, then King George: A Tribute to George Strait is one to put on your list. The group plays on June 27, so make sure you add it to your calendar!

Summer is a great time to find a new place to call home. Before you go out for some lively music, be sure to check out our apartments in Lewisville. Stop in today for a tour and to see what floor plans we have available!

5 Sporty Ways to Spend This Summer

Running OutdoorsSummer is a season of sports. If you are looking for ways to be more active, check out these five sporty ways to spend the summer:

Join an Adult Softball League

Slow-pitch softball is a lot of fun, and many cities have adult softball leagues that can be joined for a small fee. Dust off your old glove and spend a summer at the ballpark!

Go Swimming

For many, swimming is one of the highlights of the summer season. Whether you are swimming in a pool or at the lake, hitting the water is a great way to get active and cool off at the same time.

Play Tennis

Tennis is a great sport to play and is fun for all ages. If you have an indoor court near you, tennis can be enjoyed no matter what the weather, though outdoor courts allow you to enjoy the season. Either way, tennis is a great option to consider!

Disc Golf

Disc golf has the same basic scoring as golf, except that you are using specialized frisbee discs and trying to throw them into baskets in as few throws as possible. Many parks have disc golf courses set up, making this a great summer sport to enjoy.


Whether you are jogging around the neighborhood or running in marathons, running is one of the best ways to stay in shape, and it’s a lot of fun too. Just make sure to stay hydrated if you are out running in the summer sun!

Summer is a great time to get out and get active, and at Lakes at Lewisville, there are plenty of nearby opportunities to enjoy a few summer sports. If you would like to learn more about our Lewisville apartments and see which floor plans are available, feel free to contact us today!