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Discover Nature at the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area

Lakes at Lewisville Apartments in Lewisville, Texas offers much more than just comfortable, spacious, well-designed rental housing in a convenient, attractive setting. With a location near Lewiston Lake, our residents enjoy convenient access to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area where families, couples, singles and groups can enjoy the beauty of nature and a variety of activities in the great outdoors. If you are a current resident of Lakes at Lewisville Apartments in Lewisville or considering making it your home in the near future, we encourage you to explore the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area with your family and friends soon.

Seven Great Ways to Enjoy Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area

Located at 201 E. Jones Street, Lewisville, TX, the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) is open seven days per week. Summer hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day and winter hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. With a focus on protecting, preserving and restoring ecosystems, communities and native biodiversity, here are a just a few of the many activities visitors can enjoy:

  • Observe and learn about the importance of pollinators at the Rocket Prairie Pollinator Garden.
  • Take a trip back in time with a visit to the Minor-Porter Log House.
  • Experience nature through camping, fishing or just enjoying a picnic in a peaceful, natural setting.
  • Experience the natural beauty of the lake while gliding through in a kayak or canoe.
  • Discover the fun of a modern treasure hunt on the Geocache Adventure Trail.
  • Enjoy hiking, bird watching and wildlife viewing in stunning natural settings.
  • Learn while you have fun by taking advantage of a Guided Recreational Activity.

Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area and the activities offered there are perfect for educational projects and field trips by both traditional and home school groups, as well as offering fun and relaxation for families, adults and children.

Want to Learn More?

Residents and prospective residents who have additional questions about the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area or other recreational activities located near Lakes at Lewisville Apartments in Lewisville, Texas, are invited to contact our staff.

Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Shops in Lewisville

Everyone likes a good coffee shop, whether it means artisan caffeinated drinks, a place to get work done, or a site for a good conversation with an old friend. If you stay in the city of Lewisville in the US state of Texas, coffee shops could really prove to be a revelation for you. You could get coffee shops of all shapes and sizes in this city. The best coffee shops and cafes in Lewisville are:

  • Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip: Situated at 1400 Shoal Creek Highland Village, this coffee shop is easily among the best in Lewisville. With excellent coffee and an outstanding service, this café attracts a lot of customers. This shop also serves a lot of other sweet beverages including milkshakes and hot cocoa.
  • Coffee Holic: Located at 310 E Round Grove Rd, this coffee shop has an outstanding collection of different varieties of coffee. It also has a wide array of desserts available. The service is considered to be rather good and the main attraction of this coffee shop is a very good ambiance.
  • Escapé Coffee & Donuts: Nestled at 2540 King Arthur Blvd, this coffee shop offers very good donuts in addition to its excellent repertoire of different varieties of coffee. A rather different sort of an ambiance, this is a good place to take a book along and contemplate with a big cup of coffee.
  • Boba World: This excellent coffee shop is located at the 291 E Round Grove Rd. A variety of juices and smoothies are also available at this interesting place. You could also get bubble tea here. Although not very posh, this place has got a charm of its own.
  • Sapphire’s Cafe & Catering: With a fantastic interior design, this coffee shop, situated at 1165 S Stemmons Fwy, offers decidedly one of the finest ambiances in Lewisville. Additionally, this place also has on its menu one of the best burger services in the town. Indeed, a good place to visit.

Best Ways to Pay It Forward During the Holidays

Christmas award

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays like spending money on gifts, making sure there’s enough food at the Christmas party, and smooth travel plans. Sometimes, we lose sight of the important things that the holidays represent such as: kindness, gratitude, and our loved ones.

Once you get all of the busy work of the holiday season taken care of, carve out some time to give back this holiday season. Whether it’s through donations, kind gestures, or quality time, finding a way to pay it forward this time of year is what will leave you feeling the most fulfilled. Here are some great ways to get started.

  • Service Men & Women- Remember those men and women who dedicate their time and strengths to making our country what it is. If you live near a base, there are many opportunities to pick up a group of servicemen and women and provide them with a holiday meal. If not, sending care packages to base camps and those who are deployed is another great gesture. Let us not forget to take care of those who are taking care of us.
  • Donate- Donations are a great way to give back because the opportunities are endless. Charities, food drives, toy drives, and book drives spike in availability this time of year. Putting food on someone’s plate or gifts under the tree is a truly rewarding way to benefit someone else.
  • Volunteer- Volunteer opportunities are abundant this time of year. Soup kitchens, toy drives, nursing homes, and hospitals are a few of the establishments to look for volunteer opportunities. If you’re unable to donate money, gifting others with you time is just as gracious.
  • Tip Community Workers- Those who work in our communities are the people who keep everything running smoothly. People like your mailman, the busdriver, the doorman, and the garbagemen are some of the people who spend their day-to-day making our lives easier. Let them know you appreciate their hard work.
  • Collect- Assemble and manage a branch of a greater cause. For example, you can step up to be the person collecting canned food donations in your neighborhood. This way, you are not only giving back, but you’re allowing others to do so through you. Lots of gold stars for this one.

Best Reasons to Choose a Gated Community

Mention the words “gated community” and a number of things come to mind. They include vitals like exclusivity, safety and security. There are a number of benefits to living in a gated community lifestyle in Lewisville, Texas.

The top reasons why you should choose a gated community among all other types of living options include:

  • Exclusivity: This is the primary reason for people opting to stay in gated communities. Everyone who wishes to enter this exclusive zone must key in a security code. It means that no stray individual can willingly enter the neighborhood. As a resident of such an exclusive place, only you and a few other like-minded persons can enjoy your surroundings. The city traffic is kept out. You will also feel part of the aristocracy.
  • Security: This is another important factor when it comes to you enjoying a higher quality of life. You feel secured when you live in a gated community. Safety measures are present to ensure that you remain immune from the problems behind those walls. The sight of cameras are routine and the securely locked gates can only be opened with a special key or by entering a security code. It is no wonder that gated communities enjoy much lower crime rates compared to other non-gated communities and neighborhoods.
  • Privacy: This is another of the many pros of living in a gated community. The walls surrounding the entire property gives it a secluded feel. As a resident, you do not have to worry about people coming and going at odd hours.
  • Serene surroundings: The serenity of the gated community will elevate your quality of life. The gated life is much quieter. The enclosed space bars lot of noise. Excellent landscaping and the presence of a groundskeeper to take care of the trees, bushes and lions only add to higher quality of life.

Best Recreation Activities At Lewisville Lake

Lewisville Lake is one of North Texas’s largest lakes. It measures 29,000 acres in overall area, with a shoreline that stretches out at 23 miles. However, that’s not what makes Lewisville awesome. Lewisville has plenty more to offer and if you’re new to the area, here are some recreational activities you can try out.

Check out Party Cove

As the name suggests, Party Cove is literally a happening spot for all kinds of parties. It’s a typical weekend destination that sees groups of people coming in for some fun. What makes Party Cove unique is that the people tie up their boats together to create the cove like structure. It’s a typical party atmosphere with food, drinks, swimming, music and much more.


Being a lake, this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Lewisville Lake is a great location for fishing. You can find a wide variety of fish here such as the Spotted Bass, White Crappie, White Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Blue & Channel Catfish etc.

The Largemouth Bass is a popular variety here as well as the Hybrid Striped Bass. If you do not have a boat, you can make use of the fishing barge at Lake Park to reach the best fishing spots.


When it comes to recreation, there are few things that compete with a good game of golf. Lewisville Lake has that on the list as well. For instance, The Lakes at Castle Hills is a good golf course to check out. It’s a semi-private club that offers great service. Plus, the course itself is in great shape and teeing off has been voted as a very pleasurable experience here.


There are a lot of camp sites on Lewisville Lake. If you’re looking for some fresh air and outdoor experience, then you should definitely give these campsites a try. Some of the good ones include Lake Park Campgrounds, Sycamore Bend Park Campgrounds, and Pilot Knoll Campgrounds.