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5 DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipes

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the ‘toxic’ label on your bottle of kitchen spray, or the skull and crossbones on your toilet bleach?

Cleaning chemicals have been known to aggravate asthma, cause skin complaints and make allergies worse.

There are plenty of question marks surrounding the safety of our regular cleaning products.

Maybe you’re looking for a natural all purpose cleaner that’ll keep your home sparkling clean without making you sick. Maybe you want to make a contribution that’ll count on Earth Day.

Whatever the reason, keep reading for 5 recipes you’re going to love.

1. Citrus and Vinegar

This recipe harnesses the cleaning power of lemons, oranges, and vinegar, all without a chemical in sight.

While vinegar makes a great all-round cleaner, it does leave a tang in the air for a few minutes. While that evaporates and disappears pretty quickly, adding citrus peels adds cleaning muscle, while making surfaces smell lemony-fresh.

You’ll need to prepare this product in advance for best results, as the mix needs to infuse for 2-3 weeks (the longer, the better).

If you’re wondering what to use in the meantime, don’t worry – we’ve got 4 more natural all purpose cleaner recipes for you to try.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

These 2 potent cleaning ingredients will make light work of grime on almost any surface.

We love this recipe, which includes essential oils known for their disinfectant properties. Essential oils also make things smell awesome, so do your research, pick one you like and adapt the recipe to make it your own.

3. Lemon and Salt Scrub

You might be seeing a theme here, but lemons are an amazing ingredient to clean your home with.

This one isn’t a recipe so much as a mantra: lemons and salt, lemons and salt.

The acidity of the lemons cuts through dirt and grime, while the salt deodorizes, scours and disinfects.

Simply dip half a lemon in some coarse ground salt, and then use it to clean your shower, your kitchen chopping surfaces, your barbeque, microwave and so much more.

4. White Vinegar and Essential Oils

We know, by now, that vinegar is an excellent substance in your natural cleaning arsenal. But it can be a little stinky, initially at least.

This recipe recommends using vinegar with essential oils, for their cleansing properties and pleasant scent.

The vinegar will quickly evaporate, while the oils dissipate more slowly, leaving your room smelling lovely for longer.

5. Baking Soda and Castile Soap

For those of us, or our significant others, who find the tang of vinegar a little offputting, here’s a great recipe that goes without.

Just dilute baking soda, castile soap, and essential oil in some water for a great-smelling, effective natural cleaner the family will love.

The Takeaway on Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Natural cleaning products are an awesome way to cut back on the nasties. They’re also eco-friendly, and home-made products often cost less than their chemical-cocktail counterparts.

With so many recipes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you and your family.

To find your perfect apartment, or to get the most out of your apartment home, check out our website and see how we can help.

apartment warming

How to Throw the Perfect Apartment Warming Party

Did you just move into a new apartment? Are you looking for a great opportunity to show it off? An apartment warming party is a perfect way to do just that.

Nearly 37 percent of Americans elect to rent over buying a single family home or condo. There are more renters today than at any point in the past 50 years.

This means that the popular event known as a housewarming party is rapidly transitioning to apartments.

Read on for a guide on throwing the perfect apartment warming party.

Pick a Month With Good Weather

For many, the urge to throw a warming party is so strong they want it to happen immediately. Take your time.

Depending on the square footage of your apartment, there may be space constraints for a large party. If you are patient and wait, you can open the back sliding door and let people hang outside.

This feature is less luxurious if you elect to have the party in August and temperatures are scorching. The average temperature in Texas during the summer months is the upper 90s, with highs in the 100s.

Best bet is to select a cooler month in which you can open the windows and back sliding door for some fresh air. Spring features the perfect weather in Lewisville, Texas.

Finish the Apartment Before You Throw an Apartment Warming Party

Sticking with the theme of patience, make sure the apartment is ready to throw a party. This means finishing all the apartment chores like staging and accessorizing.

Ensure that you properly furnish the apartment. This way, there is adequate seating for all of your guests.

Write down a list of all the things that you must get done before throwing a party. Once the must-haves are complete, you can send out the invitations.

Set a Budget for the Party and Stick To It

If you are a first-time renter, you are probably not used to paying monthly expenses like rent and utilities. Bills are pretty intimidating to someone who is off on their own for the first time.

Make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew. Set a budget for the party and stick to it. This may mean asking your guests to bring a food dish or a bottle of wine.

You Can Never Have Too Much Food

Food is the one area of the budget that you cannot skimp out on. In order to have a successful party, you must adequately cater it.

One good tip is to plan for a couple of unexpected guests. Always defer on the side of having leftovers. It is not a bad thing to have leftovers for lunch and dinner for a couple of days.

Wrapping It Up

Hosting an apartment warming party is exciting. However, the theme of this guide is patience. Wait to send out invitations until the apartment is ready and the weather is cool.

As far as planning goes, make sure you provide enough food without busting the budget. For more information on renting an apartment, please contact us for assistance.

Choosing a Cozy Blanket

warm blanket

Winter has finally come to Texas and that means it’s the perfect excuse to break out your coziest blankets and throws. In the market for a few good cozy blankets that will complete your winter decor? With a few simple shopping tips, our apartment decorating experts can help you find the perfect blanket or throw for every room in your place.

How To Choose a Cozy Blanket or Throw

A good blanket is an essential no matter the time of year. Even in the Texas heat, air conditioners are always going and a comfy blanket can definitely come in handy. But choosing the right one to fit your personal needs all depends on size, warmth and texture.

The Right Fabric

Blankets can be made from a variety of different materials, with each providing a distinct texture and warmth level. Some of our favorites include:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Down
  • Natural Fleece
  • Cashmere
  • Chenille

All About Size

Will you be storing your blanket on the back of a sofa or chair? Maybe you’ll be keeping it at the foot of the bed or in a guest room. Whatever the use, size is very important when choosing a cozy blanket. Some popular sizes include:

  • Throw
  • Twin
  • Full/Queen or Queen
  • King

Sizes may vary from blanket to blanket, so be sure to check the “size & fit” tab when shopping online to ensure a proper fit.

A Blanket to Suit Your Needs

Choosing the right blanket comes down to what exactly you want the blanket to do for you. When searching for a great blanket, keep the materials in mind. Thicker blankets made from wool or fleece work well to trap in warm air because their fibers are fuzzy. Natural fibers are also highly absorbent, making them ideal for holding in warmth on cold nights.

Stay Warm and Cozy This Winter

Looking for the perfect cozy apartment? Visit our friendly team and take a look at the available floor plans at our luxury apartments in Lewisville today.

5 Fun Facts About Earth Day

Light Bulbs Hanging OutsideEarth Day is a somber reminder that we all need to do our part. But there are also five fun facts about Earth Day that will bring this day to life for you in your Lewisville apartments at Lakes at Lewisville.

1. Why is Earth Day on April 22?

April 22 wasn’t the first suggested date for Earth Day. The first date suggested was March 21, the Spring Equinox. While that makes perfectly logical sense, it was finally decided that Arbor Day should be Earth Day, which is April 22.  Some people celebrate Earth Day on both dates, but the official date remains April 22. That’s convenient because one of the common ways that people commemorate Earth Day is by planting trees.

2. The March for Science gets Mobilized

On April 22, 300 cities and counting get mobilized for marches at the National Mall in Washington D.C. and other government sites around the country. This is a march organized by scientists who firmly believe that climate change is a very real concern for our planet.

3. Schools get Involved, Too

Teachers around the country are teaching students about the importance of conserving natural resources. Typically, in the days and weeks leading up to Earth Day, students are tasked with taking photos or making videos that demonstrate the need for public awareness about Earth Day and the environment in general. Whether it’s coming up with ways to conserve energy at home, or turning out the lights during Earth Hour, students from preschool to college are getting involved with Earth Day.

4. It was Founded by a Politician

Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson. The purpose of Earth Day is to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Senator Nelson is credited with launching global awareness of the need to protect Earth’s dwindling resources.

5. Even Disney Loves Earth Day

On Earth Day in 2009, Disney released “Earth,” a documentary that followed the migratory behaviors of four animal families. The moving depiction of how climate change affects the animal kingdom is still a favorite today.

Lakeside living in Lewisville, Texas is even better when people respect the environment. Come discover why everyone is talking about Lakes at Lewisville. Contact us today to see floor plans and amenities in person.

5 Tips for Hosting a Grammys Viewing Party

Musical InstrumentsThe 59th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 12th, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a viewing party? As Bruno Mars, Adele and Metallica take the stage to give thrilling performances, set the stage for your own Grammys viewing party by following these five suggestions.

Five Tips for Throwing an Excellent Grammys Viewing Party

Make sure your bar is well-stocked: Offering ample refreshments is crucial for making your guests feel welcome and setting the right mood for your party. Choosing a signature cocktail that you can mix up before the party starts to serve all night will allow you to be a good host while enjoying the party yourself.

Prepare a playlist: What would a Grammys viewing party be without music? Start your party off on the right foot by setting up a playlist of Grammy-nominated artists and songs to dance and socialize to before the show starts.

Glam up the décor: Even if you don’t have the time to go all out with the decorations, adding a few glam touches are a great way to bring the over-the-top glitz of the awards show to your viewing party. Even some gold balloons can help get your guests into the spirit.

Satisfy your guests’ sweet and salty cravings: Your guests won’t be expecting a full dinner, but having some snacks on hand will keep anyone’s blood sugar from crashing. Opt for snacks that are easy to munch on while keeping your eyes on the television, such as popcorn and candy.

Provide plenty of seating: Since your guests are there to watch the show, make sure you set up plenty of comfortable seating options around your television. If you don’t have enough chairs, some pillows can go a long way.

Residents of Lewisville apartments looking to throw an unforgettable Grammys viewing party should be certain to follow these five tips.

If you’re looking for a new apartment home that would be perfect for entertaining and hosting parties, give us a call!

How to Host a Tailgating Party

No matter what the season or which sport has the spotlight, taking party time on the road with a tailgating party is a great way for residents in apartments in Lewisville to cheer on their favorite team. Make your party checklist using these helpful tips.

Tailgating Party Tips


Food is foremost and you’ll want to offer everything from snacks and beverages to side dishes and the main course. Also consider adding a few items for guests who are vegetarians or have special dietary needs.

Prepare whatever possible a day ahead such as salads, casseroles, desserts and marinating meat or preparing hamburger patties. Check that there’s enough condiments – mustard, ketchup, diced onions, buns, salad fixings and dressing, dips, chips and salsa.

Bring plenty of paper plates, plastic forks and cups, napkins, paper towels and garbage bags. You’ll also want to include a first-aid kit, toilet tissue, coolers for beverages and perishable items and grilling equipment and utensils.


Entertainment keeps the party going while waiting for the game to start. Depending on the age group, you’ll want to have games and activities that everyone can play. Choose some fun activities such as horseshoes, trivia games, ring toss, checkers and board games.

Guest Comfort

Comfort is key especially when it’s time to sit down for a bite to eat. The time of year is also an important factor when tailgating, so be sure to pick a site with access to electrical outlets.

Bring a tent or shade canopy, folding chairs, tables and table clothes and bug repellent. Depending on the time of year, bring portable fans or heaters and include a portable TV, or two.

With the AT&T Stadium less than 45 minutes away from our community in Lewisville, Texas, residents have access to some of the best sporting events in town. Contact our leasing staff about coming home to our amenity-filled, pet-friendly community featuring designer 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day at The Lakes at Lewisville

Dad is usually the one in charge of you, but this Father’s Day, give your Dad the gift of relaxation. Here are steps you can take to throw your Dad a great Father’s Day brunch in Lewisville.

Start the Day Before.

Have Dad spend the night in your Texas apartment at Mckamy Lake to set the tone for Father’s Day. There is nothing like waking up in a vacation bed knowing that you will be catered to all day. Set him up nicely with access to the multimedia theater room.

Set Up Activities that Dad Will Enjoy.

A great brunch is accompanied by great activities. At Lakes at Lewisville, you have many options, including starting the day at the resort pool with cabana and grill, sending him down to the fitness center for a run or taking a few drives out on the nearby links. Let Dad work up an appetite before brunch.

Make the Location Count.

At Lake at Lewisville apartments, you can take advantage of your private patio to give your brunch an air of exclusivity. You can stay down by the pool and let dad relax while you grill up eggs and steak. You can also stay inside by the fireplace to give your brunch the comfort of home. No matter what you choose, you have the full kitchen amenities that you need to create any brunch you want. Use your access to Verizon FIOS to look up a great Father’s Day brunch if you do not have a great deal of experience cooking.

Of all the apartments in Lewisville, the Lakes at Lewisville gives you the most options for making this Father’s Day a special one. Follow the tips above to create a great Father’s Day brunch for Dad. Just because you are living on your own doesn’t mean that your family can’t make memories this year! Give us a call today.

Improve Your Golf Swing With These Tips!

Lakes at Lewisville, apartments in Lewisville, TX is located near golf courses. In fact, all of Texas has golf courses. If you want to fit in and play like a champ with the rest of the area, you might want to up your golf game by improving your swing.

Here are some pointers on how to get the best swing in the game.

Grip Strength Matters

Lewisville residents will improve their swing tremendously when they realize how they grip the club matters. You should never hold the club gently. This doesn’t provide you with the upper hand when swinging. It prevents you from having total control over your aim and how hard you hit it. Plus, it puts you at risk for swinging and the club slipping out of your hands. You don’t want to hold it with all of your strength because it prevents you from being able to swing and follow through effectively. You should grip it with medium force, which allows for you to hold it firmly, aim and follow through optimally.

Smooth and Steady Wins the Race

You want to maintain a steady pace from when you initiate the swing until you follow through. Additionally, you want to swing the club steady, which is going to require you to swing a bit quickly.

Pay Attention to How Hard You Swing

Your aim can be “A+,” but if you don’t have the strength of your swing down, you’re going to fall short, literally. If you over swing, you’re always going to hit the ball too hard.

Most of Your Weight Should End on Your Front Foot

Ultimately, you want approximately 90 percent of your weight to end on your front foot. You want a full follow through for best results.

If you rent with Lakes at Lewisville, you’ll get to rest your head in a luxury apartment after a day of practicing your golf swing. Contact us today to learn more.

pet org

Tips to Organizing Your Pet Supplies in Your Apartment

When you share your home with one or more pets, there’s going to be supplies and accessories that need to be stored appropriately so that they don’t become a source of clutter. The following tips can help you establish an organization system for your pet supplies.
A good starting point in your organizational plan is to group supplies and accessories into specific categories. Keeping similar items together in the most accessible and logical locations saves you some time and eliminates the frustration of searching for items you need. A basket such as one designed to hold garden tools or cleaning supplies is a great storage option for your pet’s grooming supplies. You can store it in a bathroom cabinet or linen closet.

A rolling cart with drawers or a stationary storage bin is a good place to store food, bowls, treats and similar supplies. If you have extra space in the cart, you can store doggie sweaters and extra leashes in one of the drawers. A small cart can often be tucked into the laundry area in an apartment, an entryway or in the kitchen.

You can create an organization station near the door. Decorative baskets or a tote bag hung on an entry way wall provide a place to store a leash, harness, sweater and any other items you need to accompany you and your dog on a walk.

Your pet’s collection of toys can easily become clutter in the apartment. You can purchase a decorative container to designate as a place for toys. Experts recommend that you rotate the toys your pet has to play with so that they don’t become bored with them.

It’s best if you can store supplies such as cat litter or shavings for a small animal cage in a closet. If closet space is limited, you may have to get creative and find other ways to store it out of sight. A decorative chest or trunk that you’re using as a coffee table could serve a dual purpose and become a storage area for pet supplies.



5 House Plants with Health Benefits

Having plants around your living spaces can be quite therapeutic. They not only liven up the atmosphere, but they also offer lots of health benefits. Plants provide fresh and clean air, which will in turn improve your health.

Beyond that, here are 5 house plants, which you should buy for your apartment to achieve additional health benefits:

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant and can be useful in various ways. This plant can be grown quite easily and can also clear the Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air. Other than clearing the air, it is also quite an effective healer for burns, abrasions, and cuts. You can also use the gel of the leaves as an organic cosmetic.
  • Spider Plant: This is another plant that does not require much attention. It is quite resilient and gives out tiny white flowers. This plant can also be quite helpful in clearing the pollution from the air. It is very easy to grow the plant and all that’s necessary of you is to cut it and place it in a pot. They require average temperatures and indirect sunlight.
  • Gerbera Daisy: This lovely, flowering plant is quite effective in removing Trichloroethylene and Benzene. It also releases Oxygen during the night. You can plant these in the bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Snake Plant: This one is a really good plant for filtering Formaldehyde. This chemical is usually found in cleaning products, tissues, toilet paper and other hygiene products. It should be ideally planted in the bathroom or bedroom, where it can easily clear the air pollutants. It can also survive in low light and humid surroundings. Unlike other plants, these release oxygen during the night so they can be great Oxygen boosters.
  • Golden Pothos: This is a beautiful plant, which is also quite effective in filtering Formaldehyde. This vine grows very fast and can remain green even if they are kept in the dark. They require bright and indirect light.